Texsolv Heddles 280/12


Texsolv heddle 280/12

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We stock Texsolv heddles to fit the Toika looms we sell. These sizes will also fit several  other makes and models of loom. Check with your loom supplier if you don’t know the correct  size.

The larger number indicates the length of the heddle in mm, and 12 indicates the size of the heddle eye in mm. The Texsolv website has more information on measuring heddles.

New! we now stock orange and blue as well as white  heddles to fit Toika looms available in 2 colours at present – alternate them on your shafts to help avoid threading errors.  They also fit other looms as listed below.

Special Offer!  Coloured heddles, cords and pegs  will be available  at the same prices as white until January 31 2024!

Texsolv heddles offer all of these advantages over string:

  • Rapid set up
  • Extremely durable
  • Non-stretching
  • Knotless system
  • Always same length
  • Easy to replace
  • Eliminates friction on warp
  • Open construction facilitates threading

The heddles are easily set up and organized on the loom shafts. They are bundled in a continuous row so they will not be tangled up. The heddles are joined but can easily be separated if necessary, e.g. if a heddle needs to be removed or replaced.

If you are new to using Texsolv heddles always keep the ties on the heddles until they are safely on your shafts. Likewise if you are removing heddles to make space for a wide or dense warp or to add some to a shaft where they are needed; either reuse the ties or use bag clips or string to secure all of  the heddles top and bottom and on both sides.  It feels like a faff but it is far quicker than having to rethread a bundle of heddle spaghetti if the worst happens and the bundle slips to the floor.

Sold in bundles of 100 heddles.

This sizes fits all

  • Toika Eeva
  • Toika Laila
  • Toika Liisa
  • Toika Jaana
  • Toika Norjaana
  • Toika Sonja Tapestry

280/12 heddles should   fit the looms listed below, but as specifications can change over time we would always suggest that you check with your loom manufacturer or measure your heddles before ordering.  You can find out  how to measure your heddles on the Texsolv website.

  • Glimakra Standard Counterbalance
  • Glimakra Standard Countermarch Looms
  • Oxaback Lilla
  • Oxaback Ulla Cyrus Looms
  • Louet David

The Texsolv website  community section has masses of information on using heddles,  cords and pegs.


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Texsolv Colour

Blue, Orange, White


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