Texsolv Heavy Cord


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We stock standard Texsolv Cord used by many types of loom for tying up shafts to treadles or levers available by the metre. This cord has a breaking strain of 180lb so is normally adequate for most loom tie ups but for attaching warp sticks to beams or aprons or heavy counterbalance rollers we also stock the heavier beam cord, also available by the metre.

Also available from stock are both straight and anchor pegs,  both extremely useful for joining cords for tie up, easy adjustment of shaft height and treadles to lamms. These are sold in multiples of 25 in a small cotton drawstring bag.

Texsolv heavy cord is best suited to attaching beam sticks either on their directly from a beam or  a beam  apron. N.B. The hole  in this cord is too big to use the with the pegs but various ties are illustrated in the downloadable information leaflet here ADD LINK




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