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Leena is a table loom for weaving light items such as scarves, table runners, pillowcases, towels, small rya rugs, sampling  etc.

Leena has a 60cm weaving width and a sliding beater. Leena doesn’t fold but this means that there  isn’t anything to  compromise the stability of the frame.  The shafts are operated by levers controlled with Texsolv which run over rollers,  giving a smooth responsive action. The shafts are held in position by magnets. Built in beautiful Finnish birch this loom is a pleasure to weave on.

Some assembly is required. The loom is delivered with the frame built;  the castle and shafts have to have the heddles attached and  be put into place. Looms are supplied with  a minimum of 100 heddles per shaft, cross sticks and two stick shuttles.

As stand for this loom is also available separately, this makes working at the loom more comfortable than when working on most tables which are often too low to sit or to high stand to work at.

We keep 8 shaft Leena Looms in stock, 4 shaft looms are available to order.

The loom measures 73x79cm and weighs approximately 10kg.

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4 shafts, 8 shafts


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