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Thanks for waiting!

So much for new year resolutions, I have failed miserably to regularly post, but I will keep trying!

Stock and website updates.

We have made good progress with moving our stock into the Toika Loom Studio. Next to be moved in is Jaana with a 16 shaft ES, but that will take some planning and some extra hands. We are expecting another delivery of reeds etc from Toika in the next couple of weeks. We will update the website and get in touch with those of you waiting just as soon as it arrives. We have also added an announcements page to the website where you can find information on any events we may be attending as well as details of our planned closures. A link from the banner at the top of each page will take you to the page.

What’s on the looms?

Since the last post I have been weaving on Eeva’s smaller sisters. I have woven a blanket strip on on Siru and the loom is warped and ready to weave another. It’s folded and ready to go just as soon as I have finished the warp on Anni and will be my current take to Weaving Group/Guild meeting loom for the next few months. I have just started yet another blanket warp on Anni, and have been playing with the tie up on Laila. More on those looms and projects next time.

Anni is a 2 shaft jack loom with a 55cm weaving width. Delivered with minimal building required. Anni folds up to be small enough to go through a door when not in use and a couple of wheels on the rear legs aid moving the loom around if required.   Metal pawls mean keeping even tension is a cinch, Texsolv heddles and a beater that takes stainless steel reeds means Anni has the ability to cope with different yarn weights without needing to double up threads or use a second heddle. Sturdy wooden warp and cloth beams allow plenty of space for long warps and the resultant long length of cloth.

As all weavers know there is nothing plain about plain weave! Try colour and weave, textured yarns, crammed and spaced, thick and thin and more, the choices are endless! I can highly recommend this brilliant book; Plain Weave by Tina Ignell.  Showcasing 60 patterns with a full page colour photo of each one it’s a great source of inspiration.